DEMSPOR has been manifacturing sportswear and sports equipments for many years. Although DEMSPOR has newly started manifacturing sportswear and sports equipments which are high quality products. Institutionalization is a priority for our company that consisting, RESEARCH & DEVELOP, MARKETING, PURCHASING, RETAIL, WHOLESALE and PRODUCTION departments with an excellent collaboration between them. We have large category, colors, styles, fabrics, for high quality goods. Encouraged by our experience in manifacturing and trading for more than two decades, we enter world-wide market and in next few years we expect a great deal of expansion and excitement for our company. Our main concern is to provide the maximum quality with the best prices. Located in ─░stanbul, our company has been using the benefits of being at the crossroads of continents, and Turkey's textile experiment both in providing premium quality fabrics and producing fashionable brands. Though Turkey has a big number of world-wide known brands in textile, and best-in-class supplier of fine quality fabrics and premium threads. But it has not seen any sportswear brand among the world-wide brands. Demspor's priority will be creating a sportswear brand in world-wide market that is courageous to compete and hard to beat. In this respect we belive in that our brands DEMSPOR and OQQO will soon have their right place among its competitors. We offer many fine styles of custom football-basketball-volleyball-tennis, uniforms, t-shirts-shorts training shirts, warm-ups, football and other sports gears. Just browse our site and reach us by phone or e-mail so that you see what makes us different.. Our aim -Maximum quality ,best prices, on time delivery. -We want to be preferable manifacturer all over the world. -Follow to fashionable Our Values -We want to be inside and outside of market. -High quality goods -Productivity -High communication & continuously developing -Creative -Respect to human ideas

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